Coach @ JuniorLab —news
Herbst 2018
CCK: Creative Coding Kids

Wir bringen Computern das Zählen von 1 bis 100 bei und bauen uns mit Loops, Variablen und Funktionen eigene kleine spielerische Aufgaben. (Coach: Enrico Scherlies)
SlowMo Messages —gist
Algorithm for Showing a constant stream of incoming messages, buffered and display with a delay to optimise reading.
WORKSHOP: Building a Sustainability Gaming App! @OSCEdays —news
14. - 16. June 2018
Together with {refashionrefood} we will develop an app prototype!
WORKSHOP: Circular Coding @OSCEdays —news
14. - 16. June 2018
At the OSCEdays 2018 in Berlin I gave a workshop about:
Circular Coding — learn about the roots of open source, how you can use coding as a superpower and let's explore how software can make an positive impact
open tech school-web frontend co-learning co-host —news
im happy to support the open tech school web-frontend co-learning meetup occuring every wednesday in organizational matters
JS through WordPress —gist
Implement your JavaScript App into Wordpress through creating a Plugin with PHP
chat for 3000+ people —project
plattform: react web app integrated in a wordpress membership site
tech: react, firebase
A custom chat solution for a client which is scalable, can support at minimum 3000 people chatting in a groupchat (yes, like the twitch or youtube chats)
tc —project
2017 - present
to be announced
plattform: iOS, Android, Web App
tech: meteor, codova, webdriver, mocha, chimp, digital ocean
this project is a startup in the health sector — will hit production late this year (2018) so stay tuned
free bugs —project
project for the {coding da vinci} hackathon
tech: react
kibo —project
2017 - current
plattform: iOS, Android, Web App
tech: react, react native, firebase, javascript, html/css
kitabote is a communications app for child daycares: for parents and daycare managers
bonnie & byte —project
currently under development
bonny & byte berlin is a web agency with strong skills in wordpress and design
tech: react & wordpress, scss
ela crain —project
2017 - current
mh hive —project
the hive is a research plattform for the menstrual health hub
Build with Airtable, React + Firebase
me —about
I do
JavaScrpt, HTML, CSS, React, React Native, Expo, Firebase, Software Architecture, NodeJS, Server, DevOps, CI/CD, APIs
Short Bio:
After studying mechanical engineering where I coded also lots of stuff (Simulations) in C and Matlab I decided to specialize in programming, building software products and becoming an entrepreneur.
I love solving complex problems and developing products.
contact —about
Enrico Scherlies
+49 160 991 666 13
Straße vor Schönholz 25
13158 Berlin